HemoHIM and Chemotherapy Using Cisplatin

3D model of cisplatin, a chemotherapy medication used to treat a number of cancers

An experiment published in 2009 tested the effect of taking HemoHIM with cisplatin. Following was the conclusion of the experiment:

An experiment published in 2009[1] concluded:

HemoHIM may be a beneficial supplement during cisplatin chemotherapy for enhancing the anti-tumor efficacy and reducing the toxicity of cisplatin.

Below are some of the effects HemoHIM according to the results of the experiment:

"enhanced both NK cell and Tc cell activity"

"increased the proportion of NK cells in the spleen"

"enhanced efficacy of cisplatin"

"reduced nephrotoxicity as seen by tubular cell of kidney destruction"

HemoHIM reduces the cisplatin-induce damage of kidney

In conclusion

  1. Hae-Ran Park, Eun-Jin Ju, Sung-Kee Jo, Uhee Jung, Sung-Ho Kim and Sung-Tae Yee: Enhanced antitumor efficacy of cisplatin in combination with HemoHIM in tumor-bearing mice. BMC Cancer.

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